Shiba Inu

POMinu (shiba-ranian) is an NFT based lottery token with a charitable element that's here to take the world by storm.

Tsukuyomi POMinu
Tsukuyomi POMinu
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Dillinger POMinu
Dillinger POMinu
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Vanir POMinu
Vanir POMinu
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Astraeus POMinu
Astraeus POMinu
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(AKA shiba-ranian)

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In Japanese mythology Tsukuyomi was the god of the moon, the sibling of Amaterasu and Susanoo. His name directly translates to "moon-reading", a popular practice in the noble courts of pre-modern Japan where parties would stay up all night moon-gazing and reading poetry. But in POMinu mythology Tsukuyomi is just an amazingly cute NFT and shiba-ranian, though we definitely can relate to the moon-gazing aspect.




8% Automatic Liquidity (Auto Burn)

6% Marketing/Lottery/Charity/NFTS

3% Buybacks/Burns (Hyper-Deflation)

Total Supply: 100,000,000,000,000

Burned Supply: 49% of total

Liquidity: 100% of available supply

Liquidity Generation Sale: 25% of total

Airdropped Supply: 3% to DOGUE holders

Anti-Whale Mechanics: 1% of total supply


POMinu holders receive FREE NFTS every month for showcasing their diamond hands to the world. We also sell our NFTS and use 100% of the profits to buy POMinu off the open market before pairing it with BNB to add extra liquidity to pump the price!


POMinu is super cute and super charitable, but not at the detriment of our token holders. So rather than donating tokens that'll inevitably get dumped and lower our price, we instead have chosen to donate our NFTS to charities that once they're sold will generate additional revenue through royalties that'll be used to buy POMinu off the open market before pairing it with BNB to add extra liquidity to pump the price!


A total of 11% of every transaction is used to pump the price of POMinu with automatic liquidity, buy-backs and burns. 8% of that is designated to the auto-LP function, with the remaining 3% going towards buy-backs and burns. These two functions combine as a powerful duo to continuously lift the price floor, while also adding an element of safety because as the liquidity is being created our contract is also automatically burning the LP as well. This goes above and beyond simply locking the liquidity and not only eliminates the possibility of a rug, but also amplifies the level in which tokens are being burned and taken out of circulation.


This wallet is where all the magic happens away from the contract. It funds all of our marketing, lottery rewards, NFTS and charitable contributions. As far as the marketing is concerned, we'll be making use of all the promotional options available to us from the more prominent social media influencers. The NFTS, lottery and charitable elements will be based on marketcap and where we're currently at in that exact moment in time. The higher the marketcap, the higher our abilities will be in each of those sectors, with the majority of those funds going towards our random outcome lottery process. There's a video and more info on this below.



This video on the right is from the random outcome generator that we'll be using for our lottery. All we do is download our token holders list from BSCSCAN and add it's contents into the generator and hit "start".


 The entire process gets recorded live with every result being posted on our social media channels daily. The winning wallet must claim their prize within 24 hours, with the beginning of the next lottery being the exact deadline. Any unclaimed prizes get rolled over into the next lottery draw.


Token holders are automatically entered into our daily lottery system that selects each winner by using a random outcome generator. Each token holder gets 1 entry per giveaway and the reward amount is based on the % of tokens they own from the POMinu total supply.


Winners of the daily lottery are automatically entered into our larger prize giveaway that takes place once a month, every month, which consists of entries from those daily winners only. 




  • Token Launch

  • Lock Liquidity

  • Twitter/Telegram Marketing

  • 250 Token Holders

  • $150,000 Marketcap

  • POMinu NFT Giveaway

  • 250 Telegram Members

  • Marketing Phase 2

  • Partnership Announcement

  • Implement Lottery

  • Marketing Phase 3

  • Community Development

  • Implement Discounts for Buying NFTS with POMinu and DOGUE


  • Website Update

  • POMinu NFT Giveaway 4

  • Whitepaper release

  • Implement NFT Upgrades

  • CEX Listing

  • POMinu Swag

  • Marketing Phase 6

  • POMinu NFT Giveaway 5

  • $5,000,000 Marketcap

  • Partnership Announcement

  • Marketing Phase 7

  • POMinu Staking

  • NFT Marketplace

  • Roadmap Update


  • ​Litepaper Release

  • 500 Token Holders

  • Marketing Phase 4

  • POMinu NFT Giveaway 2

  • Community Contest

  • $500,000 Marketcap

  • Coinmarketcap Listing

  • Add Features for NFTS

  • Coingecko Listing

  • 500 Telegram Members

  • Marketing Phase 5

  • POMinu NFT Giveaway 3

  • Continued Development


  • Staking Contract Audit

  • POMinu NFT Giveaway 6

  • Create Staking Dashboard

  • Marketing Phase 8

  • Add Partner Tokens for Staking

  • CEX Listing 2

  • Marketing Phase 9

  • Partnership Announcement

  • Additional NFT Features

  • Marketing Phase 10

  • NFT Staking

  • $50,000,000 Marketcap

  • NFT Staking Contract Audit

  • More to be Announced